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Do you have a Pilot's License and a current medical?  You can rent our aircraft.  You will be required to sign a Rental Agreement and provide proof of Renters Insurance.  Rent a 172 with a simple check-out.  All it takes is about 2 hours. 

Effective March 1, 2003 all renters operating MAC aircraft as P.I.C. or solo will be required to show proof of coverage under a non-owned liability policy.  Minimum required coverage will be $500,000 each occurrence with $50,000 per passenger and $5000 aircraft damage (to cover you for our deductible).  Renter's insurance is readily available from several outside sources at very reasonable prices (approx. $120 per year).   

AOPA           800-622-2672   

AVEMCO       800-276-5213   

Facer           800-727-2147   


FAA Flight Physicals are available from the following doctors:

Robert L. Gordon, MD

775 Engineering Ave., Springfield, IL 62703  217-522-4300

Robert F. Cramer, MD

2901 Old Jacksonville Rd., Springfield, IL 62704  217-529-2200

Jay Bruninga

900 Capital Airport Drive, Springfield, IL 62707  217-473-7386

Charlie Wilson, MD

814 West State, Jacksonville, IL 62650  217-243-1865